The characteristics of the LED display rental trend - and the development of technology LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
With the rapid development of LED display, LED display rental with fast and convenient and can save cost and so on advantages and have been paid much attention by people, leasing business is more widely used in stage, singing and dancing party, all kinds of conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theatres, hall, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, hall, deducting hall, ted, nightclub, high-grade entertainment discos, etc. Then LED display rental why so popular? Technology trend of development of the LED display rental as well as the benefits of what? Technology development trend of the LED display rental: clarity is higher and higher, LED screen and color screen on the market at present the main development trend is toward the high precision. Adjustable brightness requirements, unified control system requirements, in order to use and control in place universal enhancement, but when the home screen, the color screen and floor screen, the screen is multi-purpose is a development direction, which strengthen the product function of generality is a major development trend of future market such products. Fast installation, safety: accessories and cable type, less easy to recognize, realize rapid product of rapid, accurate installation; Assembling mechanism has self-locking function, eliminate wrong operation risk; Maintenance is simple, can remove the change: alone has the power and signal working condition, self-checking function can be real-time display power supply and signal working condition of each product, when a product does not display, can quickly judge the problem, quickly make a corresponding repair measures; Thin transparent: new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, high polymer nano materials used widely, such as body lighter. 500 * 500 can be done in a single body weight less than 8 kg, thin and easy to install, small footprint, saving the stage space and transport packing space; Another color curtain of light transmittance, no obstacles to stereo sound. Appearance and structure increasingly pay attention to the industrial design: rental screen enterprises from practical is better to focus on design, both appearance and use of human experience. Can cross lease: correct data can be loaded in the receiving card and module, out-of-the-box replacement module and receiving card, no need correction, cross lease is housing mixed batch of use requirements. In addition, the control system to better satisfy the compatibility of different batches of products. LED display rental characteristics: 1, small error, zero flat-fell seam: the traditional LED display cabinet as a result of what use is a sheet metal processing, iron or aluminum plate by bending forming and welding production process, due to such a great error in the machining process itself, changeful form, after add processing error in millimeter, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of display of zero flat-fell seam. LED display rental aluminum casing because of adopting the mode of the combination of machining production process, the error can be controlled within one over ten of a millimeter, can fully meet the requirement of zero flat-fell seam. 2, installation fast: because as the aluminum box structure, lighter weight, higher precision, convenient disassembly, technicians can be single box of joining together in a few minutes, greatly shorten installation disassembly time, save manpower costs. 3, light weight, thin structure: LED rental display light weight and thin structure, hoisting and quick to install features, so as to meet the requirements of the leasing situation quickly remove the handling and installation requirements. Easy loading and unloading, and easy to operate, the whole screen handling by fast bolted and connection, can accurate and fast frame screen and down the screen, and you can spell different shapes to meet the site requirements. 4, the craft is unique, unique welding process optimization of structural design, avoid frequent handling caused by electronic products at the scene of the solder joint failure caused by poor contact, etc.
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