The budget for the LED display how to make _led display budget making steps

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-09
When do the LED display project budget how to calculate? The following six steps to teach you to easily calculate the engineering budget! Step one: calculation of quantities - — Can know fairly well, and hence to the first party for engineering list, or according to the field, written by bill of quantities project if provided in the tender documents with bill of quantities, bidding price calculation before, want to check the quantity. Unless otherwise stipulated in the tender documents does not provide the bill of quantities, calculate according to the drawings of all quantities. Such as the tender documents have provisions on the detailed calculation method, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of method to calculate. Only calculate accurate, accomplish know fairly well, can, just make sure that there is no error in step 2: determine the unit price, calculation and price in the tender offer, calculate each partial quantities later, just need to make sure that each partial unit price of the project, and according to the format of the fill in the bill of quantities quotation in the tender documents, is usually based on the partial content of quantities and the project name to fill in the unit price and price. To calculate the unit price, shall constitute a partial project all the costs are classified as one of them. Labor, materials, machinery fee should be according to the division of the sectional works of labor, materials, machinery consumption and its corresponding market prices. Generally speaking, the contracting enterprises should establish their own standard price database, and on the basis of calculating engineering bid price. In database application of the unit price for a specific project for tender offer, need to use the unit price of audit evaluation and adjustment, refers to accord with the actual situation of the bidding project, reflect the change of market prices. At the different stages of the bidding price establishment, bid price generally in the form of a table to calculate. Step 3: determine the subcontract engineering cost is the cost of subcontracting from made an important part of the bid price, sometimes the prime contractor is part of the bid price from subcontracting construction cost. In the preparation of bid price, therefore, need to have a check measure made the price, the price of the need to be familiar with the scope of the subcontract works, to evaluate the ability of the made. Step four: calculation and repeated verification overdue profit profit refers to the contractor, determine the profit value goal is considered can gain maximum profits, and to ensure that the bid price is competitive. Tender offer when the contractor shall be determined according to the market competition situation on the project's margins. Step 5: review and repeatedly measuring the risk, and confirm the risk fee risk fee is an open question to the contractor, if not all risks insured is expected, risk fee may be expected to have rest, this part of the surplus and profits together is the surplus; If risk fee estimate shortage, the subsidies by profit when bidding should be based on the actual situation of the scale of the project and the project is located, by experienced professionals after item by item analysis was carried out on the possible risk factors determine a reasonable expense ratio. Step 6: determine the bid price, and timely adjustment according to different mode, after putting together cost summation can get engineering bid price quotations, but this calculation of engineering bidding price is still not as bid price, because the calculated prices may repeat may also calculate leakage, may also be some estimates the cost of a deviation, etc. And therefore must be calculated project tender offer some necessary adjustments. Adjust the bid price shall be based on a project based on the analysis of profit and loss, profit and loss forecast application of a variety of methods from various angles, find out the problems in the calculation, and take steps to reduce costs, increase profits, to determine the final bid price quotations.
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