The advantage of outdoor led advertising screen relative to traditional advertising screen

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
Compared with the traditional advertising screen, outdoor LED advantage is quite obvious. In the first place can play video, images and other multimedia information more appealing. Second high brightness, colour more glaring radiation distance, once again, its long service life, advertising prices high. To say the outdoor LED display instead of the traditional outdoor advertising media is a trend. The future more and more domestic will come into our field of vision. Traditional advertising can only see the still image and text content, and LED display can play different kinds of cycles of the advertising video, visual and auditory double impression to the person, can let a person remember the contents of advertisements more clearly. At the same time, the outdoor screen with the surrounding environment, building perfect fusion, give a person sense of beauty, attract people's attention, advertising efficiency is very high. LED display operation than traditional billboards and convenient. Traditional advertising canvas, three broadcast content is limited, if you want to change the contents of advertisements, you need to do print, and which, a lot of work. And as long as LED display on the control computer to switch the contents of advertisements. And can according to need to make creative, colorful, high contrast video, let you'll never forget, promoting advertising influence. Investment before outdoor LED advertising display, need to consider advertising revenue, it mainly depends on the display screen location, traffic, etc. Secondly, a complete investment program, including sales merchants, personnel, and risk factors, etc. General LED display at least 5 years of life, if run well, general 2 ~ 3 years to recover the cost. Finally, you need to choose a reliable LED display manufacturers. Most manufacturers in the market now is differ, must choose good quality service, reputation good manufacturers as partners.
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