Test of shenzhen LED display color rendering performance - with the color temperature LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
LED display is at a high speed development and the rise of growth stage, believe in the near future, shenzhen LED display will be used in more areas and at the same time will emerge on the market all kinds of LED display of new products, consumers better, more convenient, more energy-saving LED display. Make sure you understand the LED display color and color temperature of the performance test: a, light color of the object itself the degree of colors is called color rendering, namely the degree of color fidelity; Light source color rendering is showed by color rendering index, which represents the object under the light color than the benchmark light ( The light from the sun) Lighting color deviation, can comprehensively reflect the color of the light source characteristics. High color rendering of light source for color is better, we can see the color is close to the natural color, color low light source of color performance is poorer, we see the color deviation is bigger also. International commission on illumination CIE color rendering index at 100 the sun, shenzhen LED display all kinds of light source color rendering index of each are not identical, such as: high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index Ra = 23, fluorescent color rendering index Ra = 60 - 90. Faithful color: color is divided into two kinds: can correct the color with original material need to use color rendering index ( Ra) High light source, its value is close to 100, the best color. Effect color: should clearly emphasize a particular colour, show the beautiful life additive method can be used to strengthen the color effect. 2, LED color temperature in absolute temperature (K), is a standard blackbody, heating temperature rise to a certain degree of shenzhen LED display screen began by red color -- Pale red - Orange - White - Blue, gradual change, the color photograph of a light source and blackbody at the same time, the black body was the absolute temperature of known as the color temperature of the light source. Because of correlated color temperature in fact based on blackbody radiation near the light source the light color, the value of the light source light color performance, is not an accurate color contrast, therefore, has the same value of the second light source color temperature, may still have some differences in color appearance. Color temperature alone cannot understand light source color rendering ability of object, or in how the light color of the object representation.
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