Ten places - LED display applications LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Today to introduce the LED display application places: 1, postal services, telecommunications, shopping malls shopping center and other services in the field of business promotion and information display. 2, scheduling command center, according to the information of electric power dispatching. Vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle height management, etc. , are also gradually adopt high-density LED display. 3, securities trading, financial information, according to the field of LED display accounts for over 50% of the domestic demand of LED display is a few years ago, now there is still a large demand. 4, media and advertising new products, in addition to a single large indoor. Outdoor LED display for advertising media, the cluster LED display advertising system, train LED display advertising publishing system also has been adopted and is promoting. 5, the airport flight dynamic information display. Very clear to the requirement of residence according to the civil aviation airport construction, LED display is the flight home display system FIDS ( 航班信息显示系统) The preferred products. 6, port. The station passenger guidance information display. With LED display folk as the main body of the information system and broadcasting system, train departure system, ticketing information system etc. Constitute the automation system of passenger transport hub, become the domestic railway station and port development and reform the important content of technology. 7, sports venue information display. LED display information display and live broadcast of the games as main method has replaced the traditional CRT displays, lighting and became a necessary in modern sports facilities. 8, induced road traffic information display application displays. Intelligent effect on system ( 它的) The rise of the work in the city. Highway, etc. LED display folk as the variable information board, such as speed limit signs, universally adopted. 9, performance and assembly. Large LED display more and more common for public and political purpose video broadcast, as in the 50th birthday of our country. New one thousand celebrations around the world and other major festivals, large LED display in broadcast live and advertising information has played a prominent role. 10, the exhibition. LED display screen as exhibition organizers provides one of the important service content. Provide paid services to exhibitors, abroad as well as some larger LED large screen professional leasing company. There are also some large manufacturers provide rental services.
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