Tell the LED display of the upstream, midstream and downstream products LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Just enter the LED display industry, often hear people say that to the upstream products, middle and downstream products. What is on the middle and lower reaches of the products, they are classified on the basis of what and how to distinguish between these products, the LED display manufacturer to explain for everybody below: we usually said LED upstream mainly refers to the upstream epitaxial chips, also is the light-emitting diode ( 领导) Light bead chip inside, and some related materials, including: high purity gases, substrate material, the MO source, alumina, phosphor powder, silica gel, gold wire, such as epoxy resin, silver glue material. Upstream is also LED the most profound contents, high technical content, high threshold, competition is not as intense as downstream, in recent years, between the price of LED display to the upstream enterprise is not much impact. On the contrary, as the LED lighting in the domestic market penetration, increasingly strong demand, domestic well-known corporate profits have different amplitude of ascension. LED the middle mainly refers to the encapsulation of LED lights, informally is wrapped leds, divided into plug-in, SMD, lattice, high-power leds encapsulation. Related equipment are: solid crystal machine, welding wire machine, glue machine, cutting machine feet, splitting machine, testing instruments, braiding machine, crystal machine, expanding baking box, microscope, vacuum pump, etc. Downstream application refers to finished products, including LED display, LED lighting products and all kinds of LED lighting products. At the same time, the LED also includes the surrounding some of the downstream industry, such as the drive power supply, control system, hardware box, control software, etc. Threshold is relatively low, the downstream industry in recent years with the influx of a large number of small businesses, each big price war between businesses, many firms control the cost, it will inevitably cause the quality of products is reduced, had a great influence on the downstream industry. And, fall constant price war make a batch of enterprises, phase into the industry reshuffle is inevitable. Transformation of many businesses, or do product differentiation, small spacing LED display, all kinds of special-shaped screen, creative products into the market, and achieved good results.
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