Technology | LED display have to know the aging proof of common sense

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
LED display advertising media advertising properties of effective arrival rate is high at the same time, compared with television, newspapers, and other forms of media, LED display price is relatively low. These unique value makes full-color LED advertising screen media logical to outdoor media upstarts. Unlike traditional outdoor media, full-color LED display is not just pure outdoor media, its properties and advantages of both TV and other media at the same time, have more creative space time interaction and communication with consumers and the wider stereo space, can meet the personalized needs, with the spread of digital era concept, is a unique form of the screen. In the application of LED display we often appear this kind of problems, at the beginning of the LED display on the product is the normal work, but will appear dim light, flashing light up a period of time, the phenomenon such as fault, intermittent bright, bring serious harm to the product. According to powerful giant color small make up a query, the causes of this phenomenon is roughly: 1, the application of products, there is something wrong with the welding process, welding temperature welding time is too long, for example, not to do a good job of anti-static, etc. , these problems caused by more than 95% is encapsulation process. 2, the LED itself quality or production process. Prevention method 1, prepare welding process control. 2, the aging of the product for aging test is an important guarantee of electronic product reliability, is * essential step of production. LED products after aging can improve efficiency and help to late use efficiency and stability. LED display aging test in product quality control is a very important link, in many cases, but often overlooked, unable to properly aging effectively. LED aging test is based on product failure rate curve is a response to the characteristics of bathtub curve, in order to improve the reliability of products, but this method is not required, aging test, after all, at the expense of the single life at the cost of LED products. LED aging methods include constant current aging and constant pressure aging. Constant current source is refers to the current is constant at any time. Have the problem of frequency, is not constant current. It is communication or pulsating current. Communication or pulsating current source can be designed to RMS constant, but the power cannot be called constant current source. Constant current aging is LED current work characteristics, is a scientific way of LED aging; Over current impact aging is LED display manufacturer new USES of an aging means, through the use of adjustable frequency, current adjustable constant current source for such aging, in order to judge the quality of the LED in a short time, life expectancy and can pick a lot of normal aging can't pick out the hidden trouble of LED.
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