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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Led unit board, full-color led display quality directly affects the overall display effect and performance, so how to distinguish the stand or fall of the led unit board is a issue for us, then will tell you how to recognize the first step: see material pledge on the market at present some of the led unit board manufacturer to low malignant competition, use cheap flame retardant paper board or single fiber board as the led PCB circuit board. Because, all fiberglass PCB is too expensive. Don't see a difference on start effect, lucky can last six months, usually within a year because will be affected with damp be affected with damp, uv damage fracture, oxidation and other reasons, LED to the LED unit board scrapped. High quality LED unit board must use double full fiberglass PCB board, although the cost is high, but quality is guaranteed. Step 2: see the IC used to check the led unit board whether brands have consistency of IC device. With what type of IC, and with how many IC enough to affect the quality of the board. Because there are a few businessmen, in order to save the cost, at the time of production unit board would deliberately reduce the number of IC, or with some other brands of IC, the sham as the genuine. Step 3: test light bead chip if with the naked eye, is unable to discern the led unit board above the stand or fall of lamp bead. Can only rely on the long time test, that is, the industry is often said that the aging test. 3 without the enterprise of small factory, the factory before simple electricity, check whether the full-color LED display is able to function properly, don't spend time and money for aging test of step 4: check the LED unit board of quality and beautiful appearance generally look at the PCB board and processing quality, IC components are the same brand, plug-in lamp beads of quality, the gap between the lamp beads are consistent design code, then check that the circuit design of circuit PCB wiring conform to the requirements of the LED display technology is finally welding quality inspection, check whether the patch with element, wrong posts leakage phenomenon, if there's any component pin burr phenomenon of short circuit and check whether direct plug-in solder joints smooth round, board face is clean and tidy, no welding welding leakage. The following to lianjiang ROM. Hotel indoor p4 full-color led display screen display
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