Talk about small spacing density pixels, full-color led display - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
Near the Spring Festival, there are a lot of customer advice do you have a better display of led display, viewing distance closer, can guarantee for clarity? How much is a square. And so on. 。 。 Today as the manufacturer will give you a chat high-density LED display have hd display, high refresh rate, seamless splicing, convenient and flexible in assembling and disassembling, good heat dissipation system etc, on the market of the specifications of the representative is P2, P2. 5, unless you are very special occasions will need a smaller, more dense ( Cost is very high, need to make to order) , in general, the p2 can achieve ordinary TV show effect. Display unit of high density board generally USES 1515, 2020, 3528, lamp, LED tube feet J or encapsulation mode L shape. Lateral welding pin, welding area will be reflective, inky effect is poor, would need to increase the mask to improve contrast. Further improve the density, L or J encapsulation can't meet the demand of minimum electrical spacing, unique QFN packages welding process, this process is characterized by no lateral welded tube feet, welding area without a glance, so as to make the color effect is very good. Also use all black with integrated design mould, contrast ratio increased by 50%, according to application effect compared to previous screen quality better. Box body has the different modules patchwork, the flatness and the module of the box body the gaps between the overall effect of the direct relationship between the housing assembly. Aluminum plate processing box, aluminum box is widely used type of enclosure, roughness can reach 10 silk. Splicing gap between modules with two module to evaluate recently pixel spacing, too close to two pixel light is bright line, after two pixels far would result in a darker skin. Before assembling measure need to calculate the mold spellers seam, and then selects the relative thickness of the sheet metal as assembling fixture insert in advance if you need super clear full-color led display, then contact us!
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