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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
LED is a new type of glass, glass, also known as power generation products, PowerGlass, the earliest invented by Germany, has fully, riot, waterproof, uv protection, can design the characteristics of LED glass is mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, the lamp lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sun room design, etc. Below small make up to you to introduce the LED what applications and LED glass what derivatives. LED glass what are the areas of application: the LED glass itself is a kind of safety glass, laminated glass for the building, again with uv protection, part of the infrared energy saving effect, can be widely used in indoor and outdoor use. Due to the nature of itself LED energy saving, LED glass very save electricity, energy conservation and environmental protection. LED glass is widely used in all kinds of design and application of the field, such as business or indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration, furniture decoration; Furniture design; Lamp lighting design; Indoor landscape design; Indoor shower partition; The clinic; House number. Emergency instructions logo design; The conference room partition; Outdoor curtain wall glass, shop Windows, shop design, shop design, luxury goods skylight design, ceiling design, sun room design, the 3 c product glass panel application, indoor and outdoor billboard design, fashionable household act the role ofing is tasted, clock, prizes, lamps and lanterns of various terminal applications, such as product design such as vast areas. LED LED glass: what's the derivatives with mainland China economy sustainable development, the domestic high-end building materials industry developing rapidly, the LED glass as high-end decorating material, by the designer and client terminal application increasingly. Designers can be used LED light features outstanding attention of glass display products or decorative products. Line meter road LED glass surface can't see, it is suitable for flat or curved glass, meet customers' various design application requirements. Dimming class that move light LED dimming membrane technology application, namely the dimmer and the LED glass composite sandwich, LED glass composition can change color, transparent, can see the LED chips, such as opaque, see the LED chip. And can use the dimming glass ON and OFF the blink and the whole of the LED FLASH control, create incomparable gorgeous effect. Hollow class will LED as hollow glass with one side of the panel, let the LED glass to achieve better energy saving and sound insulation effect. Video class monochrome video through special circuit design, can also realize demonstrates the effect of dynamic image in the transparent glass, but only the white light effect. RGB video with a laser plane engraving of the circuit, using the method of hollow out carven, 3 d on the graphic on the circuit, so as to make the RGB can free control, to achieve the effect of normal LED screen. Solar thin-film solar and LED by combining design, but it was a sandwich directly supply LED power supply, solar LED glass products, truly achieve self-sufficiency LED power supply, green environmental protection, is the development direction of the future of LED glass industry.
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