Rogers to enter home monitoring market

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-06-01
Rogers Communications is working to improve connectivity with customers, aiming to make a difference in everything from safety to regulating thermostats, and they plan to enter the home monitoring market early next year.
President and Chief Executive Nadir Mohamed said on Wednesday that the company is starting to test Rogers\'s smart home surveillance system.
\"When you walk into the door, it will allow you access to news, sports or local traffic through your home safety panel,\" Mohammed said . \", During a speech at the Sutton Place Hotel to the Canadian economic club.
The goal is to provide an interactive touch screen security system inside the home
This has some similarities to the iPhone or iPad.
This will connect to the customer\'s mobile device.
Mohammed said: \"No matter what you see on your BlackBerry, iPhone or laptop, you can remotely configure or adjust settings such as lights and temperatures, when asking questions with reporters
It will also be able to provide alerts during breaks
He says ins or when the kids get home, will eventually be extended to manage all the systems in the home.
The company said the system would \"be supported by a dedicated customer service and response team that specifically trains home monitoring and security.
Rogers plans to start with their existing footprint and will start testing the product on \"Friends and family\" and plans to launch the system to consumers in early 2011.
He said it was \"too early\" to talk about pricing at this stage \".
\"We will start from a small age because we don\'t want to lead too much in terms of demand,\" he said . \".
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Rating agency DBRS Ltd.
Rogers is clearly interested in selling more services to fully bundled customers.
He said: \"On the defensive side, the more services you get, the more difficult it will be for that customer . \" Or it\'s harder to switch to another company.
He said that the product may not continue to be exclusively available to Rogers, as other major wireless companies have or are moving towards or have these features, and would like to find ways to create similar products for consumers.
In his speech, Mohammed also called on the federal government to ensure that communication companies have equal access to spectrum blocks available after the auction of August 31, 2011, from 700-the deadline for switching from analog broadcastadio waves to digital television
The Mhz spectrum can be transmitted over long distances and penetrate buildings better, which is ideal for telecom operators.
\"We are willing and ready to pay the market price for the spectrum,\" Mohammed said . \".
\"We ask the federal government to follow its own market-based approach when monetizing this valuable asset.
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