Revelation - And the county of Inner Mongolia P6 indoor full color led display screen maker - shenzhen LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Inner Mongolia and Linda lingle county is located in the middle of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, one for the autonomous region's capital, Hohhot flag had jurisdiction over county. North suburb of Hohhot, tumed left flag, togtoh county in the west, qingshuihe county in the south, east and adjacent liangcheng, operation. Area of 3401 square kilometers. The population of 18. 70000 people, is the place recently installed a super large screen - very fashionable P6 indoor full color led display screen, it is so perfect shock, attracts the attention of the people for a long time unwilling to leave. The use of p6 indoor led full-color led display, 'xin' brand can resist high temperature and low temperature environment, have good ventilation system, with high magnitude of IP65 waterproof, dustproof abilities, cabinet design adopts high-temperature spraying technology; Circuit boards wave soldering process, has the green oil oxygen insulation layer, prevent the moisture, oxidation of line; Raise the use efficiency of switch power supply, power efficiency is greatly increased, the use of reducing power failure. To meet the demand of the use of the unique climate in Inner Mongolia. At the same time it can realize all-weather shows that even in indoor use, is also very strong shock.
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