Resolution of the company products system - for you LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
LED display will be before they go out for baking machine, the runaway pixel leds will repair replacement, 'rate of the whole screen pixels is out of control' requirement before delivery are not allowed to appear out of control. In different applications, the pixels of rate of actual requirements can have bigger difference, in general, the LED display is used for video playback, control index requirements within 1/104 is acceptable, also can achieve; If used for simple character information release, control index requirements within 12/104 is reasonable grayscale gradations of color is gray or gray, is refers to the brightness of light and shade degree. For digital display technology, gray level is to display the number of color. In general gray level is higher, shows the more colorful, the picture is more exquisite, more abundant details. Grey scale mainly depends on the A/D conversion system. Of course system of video processing chip, storage and transmission system to provide all the support of the digits. At present domestic LED display mainly adopts eight processing system, namely 256 ( 28) Grey level. Simple understanding is a total of 256 from black to white brightness changes. Using RGB trichromatic can constitute a kind of color. Known as the 16 million colors. LED display is mainly adopts 10 processing system, which is 1024 grey level, RGB trichromatic may constitute a 10. 700 million colors. Gray though is to determine the number of color decision factors, but is not to say that restrict the bigger the better. Because first of all, the resolution of the human eye is limited, moreover the improvement of system processing digits involving system video processing, storage, transmission, scanning the change of each link, such as costs, price declines. In general civil or commercial grade products can be used in a 8-bit systems, broadcast products can use 10 systems. Luminance brightness level identification level refers to the human eye can distinguish between the image from the black to the white brightness level. Display the grey scale of some high, above mentioned levels up to 256 or 1024. But because the human eye sensitivity to the brightness is limited, and cannot fully identify the grey scale. That is to say, may be a lot of adjacent levels of gray eyes look identical.
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