Rental LED display assembly convenient transportation - fast LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Are typically installed outdoor LED display area is larger, and mostly installed in personnel intensive place, its steel structure design should consider basic, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moisture, temperature, lightning protection, the surrounding population density, and many other factors. Inside the steel structure. At the same time also need to place the power distribution cabinet, air conditioning, axial flow fan, lighting and other auxiliary equipment, also have. , maintenance facilities such as gym. Design drawings to ensure the reliable safety of the whole steel structure. Unlike conventional LED display, rental LED display inevitably requires repeated due to its positioning for installation, disassembly and transportation, so the product demand is higher, on the appearance design, structure design and material selection has exquisite, intuitive understanding is 'beautiful appearance generous, lightweight portable installation, stable and reliable quality'. Rental display cabinet to be frivolous, quick installation, disassembly, transportation convenient, the maintenance of Jane, suitable for large area and fixed installation of lease application places the LED screen is widely used in the stage of this lease, song and dance party, all kinds of conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theatres, hall, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, hall, deducting hall, ted, nightclub, high-grade entertainment discos, although the price of the LED display rental market in the future will continue to pay attention to, this is the LED display industry toward healthy development and the inevitable trend of matured. LED rental screen product specification standardization, hd display, high density, one screen at a multi-purpose, installation fast, convenient maintenance, safe cabinet light direction to move on. From the demand of various conventional screen to a variety of different the demand of the screen, LED display as the most suitable for stage display devices, as a carrier to pass the beautiful, the future is bound to get more and more comprehensive, more sophisticated applications
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