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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-06
Maxed out these two days have a movie on the Internet websites, that is '2' the war Wolf. On its only 14 days has reached 3. 8 billion, beyond 3. 4 billion 'mermaid' box office to become Chinese movie box office record. Small make up also bear a friend's recommendation to all kinds of high praise, in the Internet and went to the cinema to watch this hot 'war Wolf 2'. True was shocked. That after the film behind-the-scenes footage. Say in the film's most let small make up the blood surging scene, when belong to the scene of Chinese passport. Have to say that today's China's international status is increasingly powerful, all walks of life has also been gradually from 'Made in China' into 'Chinese creation', which appeared in the 'war Wolf 2' maotai is China's 'national drink' and at the 1915 world's fair and scotch whisky, cognac, France was rated as one of the three most famous together, it is conceivable maotai today's international status. Not only that, some time ago we Chinese characteristics of 'China's aunt stepped on to the market to buy vegetables market slipper' also went international first-line brand. Taobao originally priced at 9. 9 pair of still pack mail. Put a price 599 yuan after the PUMA LOGO. In addition to the 'chanel' shoe designers are also affected by the influence of Chinese culture, the designed the below the 'when I was young girls the most hope mother buy pink plastic sandals' familiar appearance, the taste of childhood, grew up to 4000 yuan. Even more shocking is the Spring Festival in China brigade of woven bag was also on show in the scene, but on the practicability of bags, I'm in favor of woven bag in China. Regardless of such a big bag can be used to pack what at ordinary times, tens of thousands of dollars of bales you willing to part with or use a quilt? Looking forward to today's LED display industry, LED to the constant expansion of the market demand, the downstream application more benefit from the human and material cost advantage, with the support of the policy, our country has now become the world's largest production base of LED device packaging. Our country enterprise with international packaging giant gap is gradually narrowing. For the international brands of the world are scrambling to imitate the reference to domestic and small make up just want to say, you only copy the form, but I did not Get to the god, the god of air, air is the pursuit of cost-effective, high quality and high practicability. Like a LED display, as the new goods, we are holding the old attitude - — ( The spherical screen video display) Aside those fancy appearance has a unique manufacturing process my moth-er achieves good quality ultra high price makes it a good reputation LED display because attitude to have tonal LED display to popular with more and more friends and never disappoint every friend, since last month by independent research and development of mirror screen hot market, followed by the latest sphere screen. 'Spherical LED display' has been adhering to the spirit of originality, except in shape innovation, excellent performance is more let a person look forward to, built-in unique brand of centralized power supply technology, etc. Latest software module application, can be arbitrary Angle bend, let module is no longer the 'hard' due to the uniqueness of its material, makes the module is resilient and can be arbitrary Angle distortion and not easy to deformation. Is not only the spherical screen, will use the material of the module features, creating more abnormity screen, let everybody understand real price of real goods cost-effective air charm! Echocardiography action, hurry up to contact the customer service order ~! ! ! LED display, create every exciting scene!
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