Recall two decades led large screen in the change of the Spring Festival gala Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
In the Spring Festival gala at the end of 2014, li yuchun turns into four li yuchun, become people to discuss issues, from nearly 20 years of Spring Festival gala is not hard to see stage led large screen update new visual experience brought by the Spring Festival gala year on, the participants 'the story behind the' also in silently. From monotonous backdrop to the magnificent LED display, people from the enjoyment on the auditory gradually evolved into apparent auditory enjoyment, all this is thanks to the development of science and technology and the mature of LED display technology. LED display for the first time since 1993, however, appeared in the stage of the Spring Festival gala, appears unstoppable trend in 1993 Spring Festival gala adopted live way form, for the first time for 90 later said that don't have those very large LED display for background, what is also known as that party? In 1993, LED display for the first time in the stage of the Spring Festival gala, but at the moment, the LED display screen only as video material and synchronization of video image display tool, have little to do with stage art. In the next several decades, LED display gradually evolved in the stage of Spring Festival gala. After more than ten years of development, by 2005, a historic turning point of LED display, formally as stage design elements are used in Spring Festival gala, and gradually become an important part of the stage. 2005 Spring Festival gala 'shengshi to bring' as the theme of the Spring Festival gala for the first time will be high-tech LED color screen and robot please go to the scene, let a person find everything new and fresh, create a gala high-tech's first 'marriage'. Millennium carnival in 2008 not only because of the Olympic Games, Olympic Games the opening brings us LED. 2008 LED light-emitting surface, 4. 40000 groups of LED module consisting of a large screen. The 2009 Spring Festival gala continuation of this fascinating moment at the same time, also the continuation of the LED technology bring us a memorable moments. Background of 2010 Spring Festival gala show with the actor's fusion for the integration of process, make billions more than the audience find everything new and fresh. The scene of Spring Festival gala concert hall almost entirely covered by different specifications of the LED screen, stage 16 meters wide, 10 meters high, add background and side curtain, LED the area nearly 1500 square meters. LED is composed of more than 30 pieces of a giant screen, stage and different LED be divided into different areas. Giant LED screen to change different scenarios according to different content, style collocation program. The whole stage in addition to the ground, surrounded by a LED screen, constitute a three-dimensional display of the environment. Point of the composition of the stage shut the audience don't wear 3 d glasses also can produce 3 d stereo feeling. In the 2014 Spring Festival gala, and strive to simple, beautiful and generous. Red lanterns, Chinese knot, Chinese elements have been enlarged. Stage air, appeared five color mobile LED screen square of air curtain, echo each other at a distance is the stage, the most impressive is the LED large screen is tie-in technology to realize virtual projection technology now become a major bright spot, when there is 4 li whole boiling stage, also added a program mystery! !
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