Production technology of liquid crystal display module

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
Production process editor SMT Surface mount technology namely Surface mounting technology, it is a more traditional way of installation. Its advantage is high reliability, the disadvantage is that large volume, high cost, limit the miniaturization of LCM. COB Chip On Board, the Chip is dependend ( 结合) On the PCB, due to the LCD control IC manufacturers and related chip production are falling on QFP ( A type of SMT) Production of packaging, therefore, in the future in the traditional way of SMT products will be gradually replaced. TAB Tape Aotomated Bonding anisotropic conductive adhesive connection. The encapsulation forms for TCP ( Tape Carrier Package with packaging) IC with anisotropic conductive adhesive were fixed on the LCD and PCB. This kind of installation method can reduce the weight and volume, easy installation, reliability of LCM is better! COGChip On Glass chip is directly dependend On the Glass. This kind of installation method can greatly reduce the volume of the entire LCD module, and easy to mass production, is suitable for the LCD consumer electronic products, such as: mobile phone, PDA and other portable electronic products. This kind of installation method under the impetus of the IC manufacturers, will be the future main connection mode of the IC and LCD. COF package Chip On Film Chip is installed directly On the flexible PCB. The connection mode of high integration, peripheral components can be installed on the flexible PCB with IC, this is a new technology, at present has entered the stage of trial production. A: liquid crystal display module under the definition of a: high copy OLED0. 96 LCD module. 。 。
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