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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
The first brand of full color led display manufacturer specialized in various types of led display production and sales. Actually led display is a flat panel display, consisting of small panel led modules, led display classification are diverse, so, led display is how to classify? The following details for you by led display manufacturer say: ( 1) By using the environment can be divided into indoor and outdoor and indoor outdoor screen area generally never to 1 square meters to more than a dozen square meters, indoor LED display used in indoor environment, this kind of display brightness is moderate, large Angle of view, mixed color closer, light weight, high density, suitable for a closer look. Outdoor screen area generally from several square meters to dozens or even hundreds of square meters, point density thin ( Number is 2500 - 10000 points per square meter) , luminous brightness - in 5500 8500 CD/m2 ( Towards different, different brightness requirements) , it can be used under direct sunlight, viewing distance in several ten metres away, screen body has a good ability to resist rain and lightning protection against wind. Half between both outdoor and indoor outdoor screen, which has high luminous intensity, can be used in not under the direct sunlight outdoors, screen has certain seal, generally in the eaves or in a window. ( 2) According to the color can be divided into monochrome, double colors, three colors ( Full color) Monochrome refers to the luminescent material displays only one color, mostly single red, can also be used in some special occasions yellow-green ( Funeral homes, for instance) 。 Double color led display is composed of red and green leds, double colors of gray level 256 display screen can display 65536 colours ( Double color screen can display three colors red, green, yellow) 。 Full color led display is composed of red, green and blue leds, it can display the white balance and 16777216 kinds of colors. ( 3) According to the control or use synchronous and asynchronous synchronously is refers to the led display basic equivalent to the workings of a computer monitor, it takes at least 30 games every bits of bit/SEC update rate corresponding to real monitor computer like the figure on the map, usually have many shades of gray show ability, can achieve multimedia advertising effect. Asynchronous refers to the led screen has the ability of storage and automatic playing, editing good words and no grayscale images in PC via a serial port or network interface to other led screen, and then by led offline automatic playback, generally no more than grayscale display ability, is mainly used to display text messages, can screen connected to the Internet. ( 4) According to pixel density or pixel diameter divided by indoor screen with led dot matrix module specification is unified so often according to the module of the pixel diameter are mainly divided into: 30 3. 0 mm 62500 pixels per square meter, 30 3. 75 mm/m2 30 5 44321 pixels. 0 mm 17222 pixels per square meter indoor table stick pixel points: P2. 5 160000 / square meter, P3 111111 / square meters, 62500 / square meter, P5 40000 P4, P6 27777 / square meter/square meters, P7. 62 17222 / square meter, P8 15625 / m2, P10 10000 / square meter outdoor screen diameter and pixels of the pixel points: P10 10000 / square meter, P12. 5 6400 / square meter, P16 3906 / m2, P20 2500 / sq m, P25 1600 / sq m, P31. 25 1024 / square meter. Now you know full-color led display is classified according to what standards, what type can be divided into again? More to do with knowledge in full-color led display related products, if necessary, welcome to inquire procurement.
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