Predict full-color led display is more and more to the intelligent development - 2015 LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
In a KTV opened it didn't take long to see a large full color led display, with several children standing in front of display screen above the watermelon fell to slashing movement, a look carefully to know is there red cut watermelon, game theory is full-color led display is equipped with an infrared sensor that perception of participants size, action, etc. , can put these data synchronous calls to the display screen, increase engagement, is very smart, peep is known in the autumn. 2015 full-color led display is definitely a big step towards intelligence. LED display applications prospect, but the industry concentration is not high, market share is relatively dispersed, and pour new competitors into the market presents the homogeneity competition pattern. In recent years, with several large-scale domestic enterprises have been listed, LED display normal product competition exceptionally incentives, especially at the forefront of the pearl river delta region, but also shows a tendency of ebb tide, many companies exit the market one hundred million yuan level. With it, is the industry sensitive strain of funds. After several business failures involving many suppliers payment for goods, the layers of pressure phenomenon increasingly taut nerve of enterprise, in the forefront of the enterprise is likely to tamp down by polygonal debt risk. 2010 years later, LED full color price plummet, on the one hand, thanks to technological advances and mass production, on the other hand under the control of the pressure of competition, enterprises have to reduce the price to increase sales. According to industry data show that in 2012 full-color LED display screen product reduction of about 15% - 30%, some products more than 50%. Decrease in the prices of the products is directly affect the enterprise's profit severe compression, growth is not 'income is the common fault of the financial statements of the enterprise in recent years. In order to find profit point higher products, LED display enterprises take great pains. Differentiation and intelligent emerging fields and products being discover and explore. Such as all kinds of different display products not only by the impact of the market, and deduce the stage market popular in the world, such as in different display of the enterprise to preserve our sanity, but can be stable expanded scale and influence. Nc city to city traffic guidance display favor has given rise to the LED display screen for the development of intelligent transportation in our country, intelligent traffic display field and LED industry has remained one of the high profits of niche; By the high density small spacing appended to the LED display LED TV is also flourishing, once power related enterprise stocks increasing; Open hole 3 d display is in the second half of the exciting new product. In all intelligent way of full color led display screen is more and more irreversible, enterprise want to have a bigger breakthrough in 2015 also must add more intelligent experience to impress the customer, on the market.
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