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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-04
Marathon ( 马拉松赛跑) Long-distance running is very popular in the world of long-distance running events, the entire distance of 26 miles and 385 yards, $42. 195 kilometers ( Also have claims for 42. 193 km) 。 Full marathon ( 全程马拉松) , half marathon ( 半程马拉松赛) And the four points marathon ( 季度马拉松) Three. With full marathon match is the most popular, generally referred to the marathon, which refers to the full marathon. The 2017 guiyang international marathon by guizhou branch assisted, also cheer for the athletes come on! Through the 12 hours of hard work, the installation of the successful completion of the LED screen at the scene of the game. For the game more add a splendid! However before this LED screen will be born out of a new marathon champion, let's wait and see. For the marathon athletes, won a gold medal in the world is the highest glory. For the glory of, however, is sure to obtain customers and trust. Will be able to get every customer's affirmation and trust, has always been the pursuit of, is it is it has long been a pursuit. To make in numerous LED display brands stand out. Always upholds the spirit of 'treat customers like the first love', to provide customers with high quality, enthusiasm and cost-effective LED display. It is also can be the cause of the many brands stand out is deeply trusted by customers. To create each exciting scene!
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