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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
In recent years, LED display screen stand out among the small spacing. LED display with its super clear small spacing, low ash, wide color gamut, the advantages of easy correction become customers of choice, product sales are booming, by many users across the country. Case: zhuhai P2 case: suzhou P2 small spacing, as its name implies is to screen the point spacing is small, high resolution of unit area. Indoor high-density LED display the biggest competitiveness in a seamless and display natural color is true. Usually, the lamp bead interval under two millimeters can be called a small spacing, so the screen can show a higher resolution image and video, also can show more video and image of the road. Case: zhangjiajie P1. 875 cases: zhangjiajie ( 2) P1. 875 why small spacing display screen so popular? What's the secret? Today with small make up together to get to know, what is the edge a little distance between the LED display. A: a small spacing of LED display modules more precision parts, joining together more easy and convenient. Module USES the aluminum magnesium alloy casing, hardness increased, more resistant to corrosion, more secure on the use of the product quality. Multi-function fitting module, integrating connection and aperture fine-tuning multi-functional, can adapt to a variety of occasions of assembling, convenient and fast. 2: small spacing and the 4 k LED to easily realize FHD large screen. Now, people more and more high to the requirement of LED screen display, especially for clarity. Small spacing LED display can realize the joining together of any size, any direction, support for multiple specifications video source, can easily achieve FULL HD and 4 k display effect. Three: a small spacing LED display more energy saving province electricity. At the same time, improve the effect of display small spacing LED display with high heat panel processing technology, using no fan of the natural heat, realize zero noise on the work. In addition, the original centralized power supply design, to reduce loss, improve conversion rate, 20% of energy compared to common display screen, and longer service life. Four: small spacing of LED display screen is more exquisite. In improving production process at the same time, small spacing LED display USES the high quality LED lights, in bold letters, with a black mask and contrast as high as 3000:1, to display images more clear and bright, fully meet the requirements of different people. Technology companies adhering to the 'quality as the root, service for this' spirit of enterprise, is committed to creating every exciting scene, in the small distance between the production of the LED display show originality, design in advance. In the original product, the perfect fusion of bionics, design aesthetics, the concept of human body engineering.
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