Pay tribute to 'the Chinese male god group' - Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
'Chinese male god group' flag guards, although only appear in front of us a song the national anthem of the time, but neatly behind is endless and effort. As a member of the country, in this respect our Chinese male god, wish our male gods will always the same, always unchanged. The challenge could not show we saw a group of data from the 'group' male god, 25000 times over the past 35 years national flag, zero turnovers. Both cold and heat, regardless of rain or snow, they each flag like the first time, they each landing flag like the last time, this seriously is unmatched by any of us. As descendants of nature is to study this attitude of earnest, is strictly prohibited in both life and at work to honor our men god group. Its inception is like the soldiers, repeated contact continuously grope for, in order to be able to in the digital display industry community, up and down everyone trying to pay. We failed, but let us never fear, but to draw experiences and lessons, strive for success in the next. Every piece of screen, using the high performance circuit design, in order to let the experiential visual enjoy more lifelike enough more comfortable. Display of every signal transmission, have been continuously after the experiment to determine, for is stability and the effect to work, was group can like men are so earnest, now and future. Treat life, real care from each of our staff, understand their life, to share their joy and sorrow, help them solve the difficulties and troubles, let each of them can be proud to talk about, where you came from. Since it was founded in 2012 to the present time in just five years, we have more than 8000 project cases, this is a result from colleagues work together, is now in Pakistan for the installation of the display group, it is for a new market is also a new challenge, but will be like men god group, is not afraid of any challenge, go forward. As a Chinese, we have the same color of the skin and eyes; As a Chinese, we had the same blood; We also have the same as a Chinese firm belief and indomitable spirit. In the future, will still remain in this land, let more of the corner of the world can see light to the made in China!
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