Part - of parsing the led industry chain LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Single chip for the fabrication of the LED base, also known as the substrate, with sapphire, silicon carbide and GaAs, GaP for the material. Epitaxial wafer for layers of different thickness on the single crystal growth of single crystal thin film, such as AlGaAs, AlGaInP, GaInN etc. , to implement different color or wavelength of LED. Common denotation method with method of liquid phase epitaxy ( LPE) , gas phase epitaxy ( 很大 And metal organic chemical vapor deposition ( 金属 , such as the VPE and LPE technology already quite mature, can be used to grow the general brightness of LED. Growth and high brightness LED MOCVD method must be adopted. The main manufacturers for the current global MOVCD AIXTRON company of Germany and the United States VEECO company, which accounts for about 60% ~ 70% of the international market share, which occupy 30% ~ 40%. The Japanese manufacturer production equipment basic limited to domestic sales. The middle mainly chip design and processing. Middle manufacturers according to the performance requirements of the LED device structure and process design, through epitaxial wafer diffusion, and the metal coating, then lithography, heat treatment and forming metal electrodes, and then will be cut by substrate wear thin after polishing. Downstream including LED chips encapsulation testing and application. LED encapsulation refers to the outer lead electrode connected to the LED chips, the formation of LED components, packaging plays a protection LED chip and enhance the role of light extraction efficiency. LED packaging technology from semiconductor discrete device packaging technology on the basis of development. The encapsulation type LED products mainly include: Lamp, insert type ( ThroughHole) , the surface installation type ( SMD) , the direct bonding type ( DirectBonding) And so on. The volume is smaller than other conventional leds, SMD type LED so SMD type is mainly used for mobile phone screen back light and mobile phone keys, are greatly influenced by phone demand.
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