Parsing the LED screen for you and the difference between the projection screen LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Actually before Led to appear, is use the projection screen instead of the Led broadcast function. Projection screen is we can lift in teachers the teacher with the white canvas screen, with VGA line between the projector and the computer, the computer video projected on the screen. All this visual effect depends on the resolution of the projector, but no matter how the hd projectors are hard color, high-definition resolution. So before the guest would rather watch TV hotel hang a wall to also don't want to see the projection screen. More seriously, who stood in the projector project creation, will have a color, facial at the back of the projection screen video also have missing, show the effect is not ideal. Later, LED screen, high definition video resolution is see picture with bright color, image more clear, more exquisite and the line of sight. Not only that, the LED display screen because it complete the image display ability, in addition to broadcast video is a lot of advantages, also can do all kinds of background images, function is very powerful. Even if the people standing in front of the LED screen don't cause the lack of pictures, show the effect is very good. Because according to the square but LED rent, the price is more expensive, and projection screen is basically every hotel standard equipment, free of charge, LED screen has not been widely accepted in the banquet. LED screen hd broadcast experience, more and more people in the design stage, is not only a wedding banquet, some annual meeting, theme show if using the LED screen can make audience vision experience more shock. In wedding planning today, however, LED screen while bear the play photos, fragments of playback ridiculous and live the wedding big responsibility, but not necessarily be more people to choose.
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