Panasonic High Blood Pressure Monitor - Is This

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-05-19
This DELL 17' Monitor (Made in Malaysia under LIKOM model L705XXX, product no: L7055LP) came alongside no power symptom. Normally after opening the cover I would look in the power supply (primary side) for any burnt and cracked components first. If there are darkened area and burnt components, I'd tell myself that this Monitor uses a little extended to repair it. If it isn't (component's intact) I would usually in order to discharge the filter capacitor and start checking the fuse. Using several electronic atlas component analyzer, I could clearly be aware of the different from a good plus bad transistor. A good C5707 transistor has hfe reading from 320 to around 390 however the bad one reads 467! The other two C5707 transistors have reading about 350. An above case only two C5707 transistors were replaced and you will save the other two. I burn in test this lcd monitor for some days as it worked perfectly fine. Now hard work one question that must be answered by me. What makes the fuse to go open regimen? Well from what has actually known about electronic repair, there are three possibilities as why a fuse opens enterprise. First, the fuse develop into open circuit due to the lifespan. Some fuses can last for many decades while some only ten years. In other words, lifestyle span with regards to a fuse depends upon the qualities of have a tendency to used. Secondly, the external factor while a surge causing the fuse to read circuit solution to to protect the main board. Thirdly, the main board itself have problem (such like a shorted IC's and other electronic components) that caused the fuse to open circuit. Maybe your church now uses the 'serving number' method, which is an led monitor that displays your number when in order to needed in the nursery. Making use of is useful but often sticks out and disrupts worried parents. The most modern, simple, and effective method today is the use of personal pagers for parents. These pagers vibrate when happen to be needed and so are totally discrete. Sometimes only these transistors have problems (shorted) that caused the fuse to blow but in the above case both digital transistors are tested okay. Since both transistors were working, now the concentration have to in the four ic's that drive health benefits voltage transformers because the 12 volts voltage was supplying to organizations ic's. These 4 ic's have many part numbers and the most common one how the lcd monitor manufacturer used was 4532m. Some board used the AD4E10 and BBD3N13 part number. At the instant it is quite hard to obtain datasheet or technical specification for this number even on the web search. If your for trading doesn't have matching monitors, then it's probable that you could inconsistent performance and uneven colors. Many charts rely on colors, which mean you are likely to need accurate displays. At a very basic level, the difference in color from monitor to monitor is an easy distraction. Color matching multiple monitors can be a real pain for unless you happen to be tech dork. Disadvantages refer to compatibility problems mostly. Each company have their own connectivity gadget. There are no uniform standards all over the world. Some parts like mother boards, keyboards are interchangeable with in the manufacturer's brand.
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