P6 full color outdoor table posted why popular - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
The market demand for indoor led display product appearance, door appearance on the led display screen with its point spacing is small, the advantages of the hd display, gradually won the customer's favor. There are a lot of money home appearance led display, P3. 9 is the door appearance paste products within the scope of the global market point spacing of the smallest one. In order to meet the application requirements of high-definition outdoor show, will continue to develop in the direction of the door appearance posted a smaller spacing as time entered in 2016, led display industry competition intensified, p6, p8, p10 and other specifications of the price differential is no longer become unacceptable, in the case of budget were similar, p6 per square pixels of more intense, the corresponding display is more clear. So choose more hd p6 is also understandable. So why choose table paste process plug-in can not display? First explain the basic concept for everyone, there are pin plug-in, installed on the PCB need PCB hole, welding through the PCB; Table as the name suggests is like plaster joint, but also to add tin welding, PCB and components between the contact surface is flat. The p6 plug-ins and p6 table placed what is the difference between the two? 1, from the image display, plug-in is due to the machine or manual insert one by one, there will be have to chance to produce lights, rugged, and individual lamp bead slightly skewed results. Will eventually cause display fuzzy, there are small flowers screen. The table will not have this kind of circumstance happening. 2, plug-in viewing Angle is no table paste big, table posted the biggest can do 140 ° view 3, plug-in technology compared table lamp bead process higher brightness, unless it is a very special place, general place table to be able to do. 4, plug-in is cheaper price, but slow production efficiency, product quality is low! Table component price a little higher, but the production efficiency is high, and the qualification rate of products is quite high. 5, table process more energy efficient, stable, in short, since 2015 the market has begun to eliminate plug-in products, use efficiency is more efficient, more advantages of table process has been a trend, so you in choosing a display also must consider more!
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