P4 indoor full color led display in shenzhen luohu silver - chamber of commerce LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
By the world famous brand of LED display technology for capitalists to build form a complete set of p4 indoor full-color LED display in shenzhen in luohu silver chamber of commerce. Local chamber of commerce - better known as shenzhen Silver chamber of commerce in the beginning of 2015, the smooth installation and debugging success p4 indoor full color LED display, to display images in the colorful, exquisite and rich color, vivid dynamic effect has been well received, decisive conquered the leadership, become chamber of commerce, a beautiful scenery line. The P4 indoor full color LED display in the chamber of commerce, covers an area of 20 square metre, for synchronous display real-time information within the chamber of commerce and leisure entertainment to see when considering these engineers to ensure the screen wide perspective of vertical and horizontal direction, high flatness, without delay, meet the needs of the chamber of commerce in different angles to watch. In addition, which can adaptively adjust the screen brightness can be as the surrounding environment, not only to environmental protection, and soft brightness, incorporate the special effect of science and technology in the humanized design. Due to the screen installed in indoor low position, in order to screen safe outside is garnering a solid layer of high-definition video film, so there is a high security to display security. In order to ensure the screen display effect and service life of the science and technology, the use of advanced technology, high quality material meticulously. Will end up with high-end display effect and good protective screen delivery to customers. Due to the construction crew filming equipment 'mobile phone' appear problem, so lead to filming the scene is very dirty, but in order to sneak peek, was put up for everyone to browse the picture at first, later will provide high-definition pictures for appreciation. Don't hesitate any more, if you also want to come on a tall p4 indoor full color led display screen quickly picked up your cell phone to call the telephone contact us, you are welcome to call at any time!
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