P4 indoor full color led display in hunan chenzhou - again Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Recently completed by our company in the indoor full color LED display screen, in hunan chenzhou installation is complete, and through the acceptance, LED display is p4 indoor full-color display screen, the screen clear and fine and smooth, gorgeous effect. Chenzhou city in hunan province south-east, is located in nanling mountains and luoxiao mountains crisscross, the Yangtze river water system and zone of the pearl river water system, chenzhou is a national excellent tourism city, there are 'of the city of the forest, and enjoy' of reputation. It is understood that the purchasing side of the screen put forward very strict quality requirements, the company is also very seriously, so the project from the early stage of the design to screen installation have made a series of analysis and the preparation work, including the LED chip, high requirements of the procurement, power supply, with bright color calibration function and configuration of the system, and so on. Engineering department made a special trip to chenzhou on-site installation instructions and lit LED display. At present, in the large commercial plaza, business center, shopping street, and other areas of the prosperous, indoor LED display has become the new favorite of media publicity, carrying advertising, such as business culture dissemination of information. Spread more intuitive, vivid, are more likely to attract consumer attention, more commercial impact and influence, is other video media carrier incomparable, is also a best advertisement display, first choice for commercial and business investment.
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