P4 car outdoor full-color led display appearance - changsha, hunan Information technology -

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Car outdoor full-color LED display as a moving medium, because of its high coverage, high arrival rate, high mandatory, such characteristics as high liquidity, increasing attention by more and more enterprises. Compared with the traditional mass media, vehicle-mounted LED screen in the permeability of the city's swimming is incomparable, really is a lane pervasive, have absolute advantage of as advertising carrier transmission, all kinds of festivals and traditional ShangYeChu marketing activities, the government, social organizations, government agencies, schools, all kinds of promotional activities, need to post a lot of posters, banners, etc, a lot of paper, after the wind rain, to the urban environment, the image is very bad. On-board screen through the streets, and more able to attract the attention of people, like a beautiful scenery, a street so as to achieve better publicity. Changsha is an important center city in southern China, comprehensive strength among the forefront of comprehensive competitiveness ranked ninth and the first in the Midwest. At the same time, changsha is committed to creating the most open in central, with great international influence and cultural city and a world-class tourist city. The 'xin' brand advertising vehicles, add to the charm of the whole city, car outdoor full-color LED display, mature technology, stable performance, in many countries and regions have the client installed. Its overall adopt ultra-thin design, easy to drag down, reducing the number of the screen space; Box USES aluminium alloy materials, reduce the screen the weight to reduce weight; The structure using the exhaust design, reduce the use of fan, reduces the noise. Not only that, in order to prevent damage to the LED lamp and driver IC, it adopts electrostatic protective measures, at the same time continue to use the wide voltage design, effectively prevent the car from the start, brake and stop when the high pulse voltage cause damage to the screen. Led display industry is the guarantee of quality and cost performance, the company product passed: CE, CCC certification, UL certification, ROHS certification, quality strictly in the ISO9001:2008 quality certification system under the perfect product quality management, highly pay attention to the practice of 7 s management standard and the daily use, in the process strict IQC, IPQC, QC, CFQC of each link of QA & engineering and supply chain management. Basic lead and implement the staff with the company development of distribution of benefits, treat work ZeRenHua each control station strictly enforced, and seriously improve the specifications standardization, professional innovation mass consumption and practical products, a unique brand of batch production spot sales model, has won the customers and LED the reputation evaluation of suppliers and the profession, cost-effective market has profound influence to the industry, high integrity, service with high efficiency.
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