P3 full-color LED display, indoor small spacing at guiyang comprehensive exhibition center - free trade zone LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
On July 10, by the shenzhen municipal science and technology co. , LTD. , in the indoor P3 full-color LED display comprehensive bonded zone in guiyang successful lighting exhibition center, the whole screen is composed of 1. 45 million light-emitting diodes, an arc. According to relevant data show that predicts 2015, small spacing indoor LED display shows the market scale will reach 13. 5 billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate over 23%, if the future into the field of commercial television, but also into a trillion-dollar with LED display market, according to the sales director of science and technology is introduced: the current market P3, P4 Gao Qingquan colour has gradually become the mainstream display market, the company currently the highest P1 qing can do. 5, each square pixels is four times that of P3, but on the market under P3 acceptance for a period of time is needed. With the Swiss watch 'bonded area. It is understood that since last September won the approval of the State Council set up comprehensive free trade zone in guiyang guizhou opening to the outside world has become '& lt; a href = ' http://www。 gywb。 cn/content/2014- 07/10 / content_1049450。 htm #” ” =' ” 目标= ' 平等自愿 风格= ' color: rgb( 0, 0, 153) ; 文本- - - - - - 装饰:没有; 箱, 大小:边界- 箱; 背景: 颜色:透明; 边境, 底, 宽度:1 px; 边境, 底, 风格:虚线; 边境, 底, color: rgb( 7, 129, 199) ; ” > 'New engine' bridgehead ', speed up economic development demonstration area, western inland open economy development as the goal, in full swing to construction. More than 80 up to now, have to negotiate, form the intention more than 40 projects investment, 15 enterprises that industrial and commercial registration has been completed; Surrounding the introduction of more than eight imports and exports totaled $100 million enterprises start the operation target, import and export enterprises, has introduced five scale 62 target task. 5%. According to guiyang about, director of the comprehensive free trade zone, at present, guiyang heddle area bao made a breakthrough in the policy innovation: on June 1, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange formally issued 'the comprehensive free trade zone of guiyang approval of foreign exchange management reform, giving a total of nine guiyang heald protect area foreign exchange management reform pilot policy support. 'This is the first time that the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in the form of reform pilot exploration, on the western inland provinces heald is protected area separate pilot policy support, part of the reform policies in the country for the first time test. 'About told reporters. It is understood that, the matching with the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in guizhou branch also published on the foreign exchange administration supported the idea of guiyang comprehensive free trade zone development, 14 introduced related supporting policies and facilitation measures; The provincial government issued 'about supported the idea of guiyang integrated free trade zone to speed up the innovation and development'. Municipal party committee, municipal government issued 'the opinion on accelerating the development of comprehensive free trade zone in guiyang ( Trial) ', formed the support of guiyang integrated free trade zone innovation and development of good posture. Read in September 2013, guiyang set up comprehensive free trade zone to obtain the approval of the State Council. Is located in baiyun district, guiyang city a total planning area of 10. 83 square kilometers, of which, the area of purse Seine area 3. 01 square kilometers, two phases construction, a purse Seine area construction area of 1. 02 square kilometers. In September this year, according to the requirements of the State Council, made up of 10 ministries and commissions such as the General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Commerce of the State Council jointly the assessment team all will conduct acceptance, by the end of the formal start running. Comprehensive free trade zone, guiyang is in guizhou's reform and opening up process of the establishment of the landmark event, is adapt to the needs of expanding the opening to the outside world in our province, ensemble protection zone construction will also be as a new breakthrough in our province to expand opening to the outside world, give full play to the leading role of the province opening to the outside world. Guiyang heald confirmed the development idea: science and technology innovation as the guidance, supported financial innovation and policy innovation, system innovation as the breakthrough, and communities in on the real economy, ecological protection as the bottom line.
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