P2. 5 led display screen successful indoor light - anhui hefei financial port Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-06
Hefei, referred to as 'the dormant or close, called LuZhou, LuYang, is the capital of anhui province, hefei city circle center city, wan jiang city belt one of the core cities, also vice center city, the Yangtze river delta urban agglomeration national important scientific research and education base, modern manufacturing base and a comprehensive transportation hub. Hefei is located in the east China region, between jianghuai, surrounded by chaohu lake, located in central anhui province, east of chuzhou, anhui, wuhu and anqing city in the south, west depends on regarding luan, north depends on the case. Recently my company successfully in hefei financial port install indoor P2. 5 led display. The screen adopts the new type SMD2121 lamp bead, pixel density reached 160000 / ㎡ excellent quality definition, to make the color on the color to achieve the best white balance effect, for all sorts of color brightness color ratio for R: G: B / 3:6:1. The best stadia of 2. 5 ~ 50 meters. In terms of technology, the screen also has a power protection function, it is because of this technical support, to fully guarantee the safety of the product, as well as practical. Greatly reduces the loss of customers. To create each exciting scene!
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