P2. 5 indoor full color LED display is ripe to use 2 anniversary - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
In 2015, announced its use of the new technology of p2. 5 indoor full color led display success using 2 anniversary of two years without too much repair after-sales problems, everything all this marks the success of the technology and high quality. Indoor high-definition full-color led display belongs to the led display in the army, with its large Angle, high contrast, high resolution, perfect match light effect is favor by the large size display field. In recent years, hd display has been widespread use, the minimum point spacing reaches 0. 25 mm, but based on the cost price, high density and clear display development is relatively slow. Technology gradually mature over the past two years, has large quantities of application. LED display business after 2 years of use r&d technology, solved a series of technology and technical problems, using science and technology independent patent core device ─ ─ 'xin' the core, the company has officially launched two years ago for a closer look at the indoor high-definition full-color LED display screen, the point spacing is 0. 25 mm, per square pixels of 165746 points, high brightness, high protection grade, large Angle and high contrast, fill the blank of close indoor high-definition LED display screen, which can be widely used in indoor rental of science and technology as the indoor LED display screen market brand exporters, products are exported to North America and Europe, and become the 2014 north American region LED indoor display export champion. Based on the knowledge of science and technology at the core of the core technology, intelligent control technology, the core structure design process, will lead the indoor LED the trend of the hd display. Catch up with liquid crystal display is not a dream! !
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