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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
P10 and yong hui supermarket make outdoor full-color LED display light up formally in huangshan, the entire screen with a total area of 150 square meters. Yong hui supermarket was founded in 1998, headquartered in fuzhou city of fujian province. Ten years of entrepreneurship, the leap development, is one of the top 500 enterprises in China, is a national 'circulation' and 'agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, won the' China well-known trademark ', the Shanghai main board listed ( Stock code: 601933) 。 Under the State Council awarded the 'national advanced enterprise of employment', won the 'national May 1 labor certificate' and other honorary titles. Yong hui supermarket is the first batch of mainland China will introduce modern supermarket fresh agricultural products circulation enterprises, one is known as the seven ministries and commissions of the state of China 'agriculture to super' promotion model, by the people as 'people's livelihood supermarkets, yong hui people'. Company has developed into to a retail, supported by modern logistics, modern agriculture and the food industry as the two wings, on the basis of the industrial development of large group enterprises. Yong hui supermarket adhere to the 'sharing' fusion 'competing development concept of' create a blue ocean, common prosperity of China's retail market with domestic or foreign retail enterprises, in fujian, guangdong, chongqing, sichuan, guizhou, shaanxi, Beijing, tianjin, hebei, hirayama, anhui, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning and other 17 provinces, cities and counties have developed more than 360 large and medium-sized supermarkets, operating area of more than 3 million square meters, in 2012 China top chain enterprises of 13, China's fast-moving consumer goods chain top 7. In the next few years, yong hui will steadily to the multiple regions development, focus on building 'front wing fai' 'fresh yong hui' 'trust of yong hui', and 'green wing fai' 'yong hui science and technology' as the goal, to develop into the leading enterprises in the national fresh supermarket, among the chain enterprises in China. - - - - - - Create every exciting scene! Professional LED display, full-color LED display, outdoor full-color LED display production. The service hotline: 4008 - 368 - 386
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