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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
This is an era of the pursuit of unique, jun is the major place as long as there is a bump unlined upper garment, the two sides must be you to smiling to me, on the surface of inner waves swells undulating just want to make a dash for the door don't meet each other. 'Bump unlined upper garment' has appeared in every industry, for the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of this world alone a person, what they choose, like others, is a disaster destroyed day out. LED display is the same, the details of different can let a person feel the seller is made of the mind. And in 'bump unlined upper garment' can be completely avoided. I company of special-shaped screen series in line with the aim of novelty, ever changing, by your custom, for your dedication to create only belong to you a copy of the screen. If the LED display is the display side of a nucleus, so LED abnormity screen displayed a community ACTS as a freshman in the field of location. With LED display a wide range of market demand, the LED display products are more and more used in different display areas, presents a variety of shapes. At present, the LED ball screen application has gradually mature, also is one of the most common type LED abnormity screen. LED ball screen 360 ° full visual Angle, all-round play video, any Angle can feel good visual effect, no graphic problem. At the same time it also can according to need to turn the spherical objects such as the earth, such as football mapped directly to the screen, let a person feel, are widely used in museum, science museum, the exhibition hall. Has the same effect with the LED ball screen is LED rubik's cube, rubik's cube LED usually LED by six combined into cubes, can also be shaped stitching for geometry modeling, realized the smallest gap between surface and surface perfect connection. Can undertake to watch around any Angle, get rid of the traditional flat panel displays the look and feel of the, suitable for installation in a bar, hotel or commercial real estate in the atrium position, to give the audience a brand new visual experience. LED the biggest advantages of cylindrical screen with no dead Angle of 360 degrees viewing angles, effectively expand the visual space, more frame synchronization, according to eliminate dead zone, 360 degrees can meet the full range of full display of the image content, a stage exhibition venues, high-end shopping malls, bars, brand stores and other public places, and many other media show places to be bestowed favor on newly. Can not only angles look around, but also can achieve the effect of the LED display. Never stop for product development and innovation, still tenacious efforts to running on the road, in order to let customers have a better product. For us: the customer's trust, yes. Is uphold: 'earnest, rigorous, responsible for the' product production and service concept, to make the brand growing, become bright new star in the LED display brand, won the 'top ten brand LED year' glory, is also strive to become China excellent brand of leds. To create each exciting scene!
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