Notes on the LED display installation and steel structure

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-12
LED display are more sophisticated products, the installation is fine or not directly decides the effect of your LED display shows. Attention should be paid to the following when we install screen. 1. The most common outdoor single color screen door. Power is small, the cooling demand is not high, screen body length width ratio is large. Screen on the back of the little room. For the convenience of maintenance, we adopt multiple hook hanging installation way. Can be set off screen from the bottom up. To screen for repair. 2. Station, hospital information boot screen, installation environment belongs to channel more traffic location, should be installed along the flow direction of positive, installation of lack of support. So in a way that is at the top of the hoisting. Avoid blocking traffic. Weight lifting display bearing with wire, screen can't be too big. 3. Stage background screen, stage background screen with indoor table series. Mixed color, good brightness demand is not high. Simple stage background screen embedded installed on stage. Such installation structure using square tube welding and become, more positive, according to the product fixed position of magnet fixed back do, at the back of the article as a fixed switch power supply back. Due to screen the entire seal inside the wall or decorate structure, poor cooling, central air conditioning ventilation pipe must be imported help heat dissipation. Complex stage screen by the side of the home screen and polyhedral vice screen, requires a portfolio, the home screen and vice screen can separate. Such displays on the lower bearing structure, located on the stage of the guide rail are combined and separated. Such structure weight depends on the whole, to guarantee the stability of the screen when the guide rail movement cable and power cable need special customized action classes. To ensure reliability.
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