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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Large LED electronic screen is the perfect combination of science and technology and the media, it can put the dream, science and technology, streaming trend, fashionable concept as to display, can certainly become a new force new dance beautiful indoor large LED screen, outdoor advertising forms appear constantly, from the traditional LED billboard, words to the monochrome screen, and then to today of full-color LED large screen. Outdoor media advertising forms with the development of LED industry, has been more and more stylish and fashionable. Current outdoor LED large screen has been occupies 80% share of outdoor media advertising field, and become a new carrier of the large-scale outdoor media advertising. Followed by wireless control LED large screen technology began to be popular, here we several common wireless control inventory of LED large screen. WIFI control working principle: by adding wireless router or other wireless devices, with users original wireless network bridge, build a wireless local area network (LAN), convenient control the network card into the wireless network, wireless network control. Features: no wiring, easy installation and debugging, data transmission speed. The required equipment and price: Bridges, within 800 yuan; Wireless router ( Application on the screen is the best choice for antenna device, so that we can effectively received radio signal) , the price is 100 yuan. Disadvantages: communication distance is basically see the gain ability of the bridge, wireless routing of the communication distance is shorter, partition signal is weak or no signal. Suitable for short distance wireless signals. If you display area had the wireless signal coverage, that is more simple, just need to display wireless router connected to the control card in receiving your wireless network, the bridge can be trying on any computer control led display. RF wireless control working principle: the RF module end receives control computer, on the other side received serial port control card, computer after install driver, to create a virtual serial port, and through the serial port to send data. Features: easy installation and debugging, data transmission distance is 300 - Late 1000 meters, use need not cost. The required equipment and price: RF to send, receive module, about $350 a pair. Support one-to-many sent, namely, a sending module for multiple receiving module. Disadvantages: radio frequency band, few countries allow civilian, this batch of 433 MHZ, extremely susceptible to interference signal, transmission rate and this way is not very low, baud rate can only use 4800 or 9600, not recommended. Working principle of the GPRS wireless control: GPRS module to add electricity after completed the course of dial-up Internet access, connect to the data center server, client access server through client software, by the server to forward information. Features: easy installation and debugging, no distance limit, as long as there is where the signal, can receive information, and the price is cheaper, generally within the range of 200 ~ 400 yuan. Weakness: the need to install the phone card to dial-up Internet access GPRS module, a month will produce certain traffic fees ( Like the flow of China mobile's lowest 5 yuan package can meet the requirements) 。 Restricted by GPRS bandwidth, transmission rate is a little slow, so it is suitable for single and double color words mainly playing LED large screen. Total netcom wireless control works: 4 g and 3 g/GPRS are basically the same. Features: 4 g netcom ( China mobile, China unicom, China telecom full range of support) , fast transfer rate, fully realized real-time control, sending instruction can instantaneous response control. Disadvantages: sending data quantity is big, traffic cost is large, suggest opening traffic plan. 3G( WCDMA) Wireless control works: 3 g module is through the wireless network connection to the data center server, client landing directly release programs broadcast cloud platform in the world, sent to the control card directly by the server. Features: WCDMA signal stability, basic will not appear in the process of program to send data loss, relative to GPRS rate faster, can send pictures or video, more suitable for LED full color. Disadvantages: unicom signal coverage is not so high, China mobile in some remote areas may be not connected to the Internet.
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