Low temperature, how to achieve efficient anti-static - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
The electrostatic minimize the harm of LED display! ! ! No matter in the process of production, transportation or use strictly enforce ESD20. 20 standard. In the production of static electricity through a wire connected directly to drain on the earth, and this is the most direct the most effective in anti-static measures. 1, the production of electrostatic prevention guidelines to the use of electrostatic sensitive circuit static knowledge and the related technical training. In the process of production, requirement worker must wear grounding electrostatic bracelet. Especially in the feet, plug-in, after debugging and welding process, and inspection, quality personnel must be at least once every two hours to do the bracelet static test, test record. When welding, soldering iron should be used as antistatic low constant temperature soldering iron, and maintain a good grounding resistance. In the process of assembly, as far as possible, use the low voltage dc electric screwdriver with ground wire ( Commonly known as electric group) 。 Ensure the production machine, glue machine, aging aircraft effective grounding, etc. Requirements production layout copper grounding, such as floors, walls, ceiling, etc. , and some situations should be use of antistatic materials. In daily operation, full-color LED display products should have been stored in the anti-static bag or container. 2, electrostatic prevention guidelines when shipping transportation, delivery vehicles to keep grounding, box or other device with conductive wheels or drag even. Contact LED products, maintain the correct way to take it, don't directly touch the PCB and electronic components on it. 3, customer, and customer and engineering installation of electrostatic prevention standards in the engineering department in the installation screen, also need to be in strict accordance with the antistatic operation, under the condition of no protection is not direct contact with the product at the core of the electronic components parts. In the installation screen effective grounding body steel structure, the screen body static electricity into the ground. To create each exciting scene!
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