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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
Full color led display screen for its brilliant display effect, in recent years much commercial stores and other users. Recently, the outdoor full-color led display screen in anhui, which help enterprise development, etc. According to anhui, it is across the river in the east of the People's Republic of China offshore inland province, located in the east China hinterland, across the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river and huaihe river, jiangsu, zhejiang, east west hubei, henan, south jiangxi, north of shandong. In A. D. 1667 by the qing dynasty jiangnan province ( The original Ming dynasty south zhili province now anhui, jiangsu, Shanghai) Division and province ( East of jiangsu) Originally division, said jiangnan left, station of nanjing; Originally, in 1667 changed to anhui province from anqing mansion, huizhou office ( Now huangshan city) 2, two capital of anqing. By building lineage of the republic of China in the qing dynasty, anhui province. Led display for anhui business circle tailor-made outdoor full-color led display area of 120 m2, pixel spacing of 10 mm, this area is 100 m2 large screen, with 'xin' brand series, close to the outer wall of an enterprise architecture, use waterproof casing, waterproof, security screen splicing excessive nature, high refresh rate, smooth clear picture, security and stability, broad perspective. In addition this led large screen has excellent heat resistance, can meet the demand of led display screen uninterrupted broadcast 24 hours a day, daily commercialization escort for the enterprise. Review these years along the way, full-color led display screen has created many classic cases, in anhui province, the display screen once again proved that the led display the extraordinary technical strength.
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