Lo wu P4 indoor full color LED display - the success of the installation LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Recently, at lo wu to install a P4 indoor full color LED display, LED display development faster and faster in the market now, and P4 is one of the high clear indoor LED display products series, as many as 62500 pixels per SQM, general application window, door head shop along the airport, bus station, gas station, station such as low altitude or half outdoor environment, indoor environment in terms of brightness and color to express P4 have good performance characteristics of the product color is rich, strong reliability, bad display mode diversity, convenient operation, etc. , as the LED in the market gradually warming, now many places are blended in LED display, our project is the installation byd 4 s shop, hd LED display is to promote the image of the 4 s, and obtain good effect. At present, our company development is more and more big, continuously expand with more high-end, the brand of the international market, deepen brand awareness, strengthen product quality management, from the details to improve the glory, contributed to the development of LED industry's largest energy companies.
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