Lily hotel in shenzhen after several field led display is chosen as the reference case analysis - suppliers Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-23
Shenzhen lily hotel is a five-star standard construction, business, conference, tourism in an integrated business hotel. Hotel invested by shenzhen lee hing industrial co. , LTD. , and management by Hong Kong gold kylin international hotel management co. , LTD. Hotel, luxurious and elegant decoration, advanced equipment, has 300 luxurious guest rooms, including 19 to 23 layer AD hoc for the executive floor. Lily intelligent hotel all rooms with air conditioning systems, broadband Internet access, satellite TV, VOD, separate shower, mini refrigerator, etc. , and private provide guests with warm and quiet and tastefully laid out and thoughtful and modern living space and convenient service. Is known as the pearl river delta river basin is the birthplace of led display, shenzhen is the display screen, lily hotel leadership in order to better display the image, the contrast is also home to many, many references, more strict, after several contrast, several on-the-spot examination, finally chose technology co. , LTD. As a supplier, technology was not great trust, made a perfect answer for lily hotel, indoor high-definition full-color led display, small spacing successfully installed lighting, won the praise the lily hotel. Reviewing the co-operation, lily hotel leadership in contrast of around five suppliers at the same time, the led display with professional technology and high cost performance, for the customer to choose the most cost-effective solution, offered the construction effect, as well as perfect after-sales technical training, ensure that customers can the independent operation. Customer is also took a fancy to pre-sale and perfect after-sale, finally success hand in hand. As the star products of the industry, indoor screen has always been on the strength of the strength to speak. Its slim design, low noise, the picture please, viewing Angle is big; Five plane three-dimensional brush and ink, fog for screen surface encapsulation process has higher contrast; Science spectral filter, color reduction degree is higher, will bring the audience a clear gorgeous picture. The parameters of the high standard of process, high performance, the application of high reliability, etc. , these are derived from has a strong r&d team, the scale of production capacity and strict quality control system. For eight years, each of the product application case shows us the domestic LED industry leading enterprises, 'seal' fei, shows the domestic LED display device manufacturing 'letters' of the spirit.
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