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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
The most popular songs must belong to 'we are not the same, not only this song sing out of our youth, even sing a hidden deep in the heart of self-confidence and steady heavy, it is this self-confidence enables us to brave to face the future road, down-to-earth go on. Do enterprise just like a person, not only should have elevated sheer determination and morale, and bear the mission of high quality products and walk the line. We are, we are not the same! Different quality, different products and different services, different LED a new experience for you. We are not the same, where different? First of all, our LED display adopt new copper wire of copper stent fog lamp bead, quality more stable, more bright-coloured color, effect more clearly, to give you an immersive visual enjoyment, whether indoor or outdoor, always with different colors bring you perfect visual perception. High new technology of brush constant current driver IC chip, integrated double cache, improve the function of more than 50% of the refresh, run smoother, more real images, shadow elimination function, make the picture is like still water, no shaking, looked more comfortable, more real imaging. Second, all of the LED display, adopts high performance circuit design, high degree of reliability, the ranks of shadow elimination technique can eliminate some noise in the process of watching perfect or ghosting, let you from now on become the ultimate visual feast. ESD static absorption function, perfect and eliminate the life of all kinds of static adsorption, use more stable, more reliable in quality. Core parts adopt pure copper plating plug, signal transmission efficiency is high, the more stable transmission, effectively reduces the signal during transmission because of too much resistance caused by the loss, so that the whole display effect is more stable, more beautiful beautiful colour. Other pure copper gold plated connectors greatly improve the oxidation resistance of the meta parts, greatly enhance the service life, the price is more cost-effective. Finally, all over the world more than 8000 projects in the case, let us become different, perfect product quality, excellent service system, the original factory delivery, reliable quality assured, without any other intermediate link, for you to leave out the economic burden at the same time, greatly increasing the reliability and security of the products use, allowing you to use the rest assured. National certification of the top ten brand LED outdoor advertising and venue application, authority certification, customer satisfaction and more trustworthy brand, the support of the national high and new technology industries worldwide let not by his talk. There is a kind of luxury to enjoy visual extravaganza, create each act has a wonderful called wonderful, there is a LED brand name - — Hard for you to create the colour of dribs and drabs in life experience, the service will help you to create the largest consumption value, with science and technology leading the future LED the trend of the industry. We are not the same, where different? And where is different! !
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