LED profiles - the global patent layout Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Global patent application in the field of LED more than one hundred and twenty thousand times, including the number of Japanese the most, followed by the United States and China. Application for a patent for more concentrated in the encapsulation and application fields, indicating that LED technology is relatively mature, started to enter the application stage. According to the technical characteristics of the leds and industry division habits, generally will be LED into substrate, denotation, chip part, encapsulation, application, etc. LED the global patent technology structure layout as shown in figure 1, the application for a patent for 40% concentrated in encapsulation, followed by the application ( 26%) And denotation ( 17%) Domain, substrate and the patent of white light at least. 25% focused on the sapphire substrate patents, followed by gallium arsenide ( 17%) The silicon ( 16%) , gallium nitride ( 10%) And so on; Patents in the field of extension.
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