Led manufacturers to teach you how to choose the outdoor display, know more about these parameters

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
The demand led display is very large, indoor indoor have larger demand, there are a lot of manufacturer also in rapid development, but many buyers want to choose a suitable display screen is more, the key is we want to find out they need product parameters, and screen to install environment, find these standards we will be very convenient. A, know oneself to buy display types led display screen there are three types of manufacturers to remind everybody, is mainly based on the color difference, has a single color and double color and full color, one is used to display text content, and monochrome, common is red used for propaganda, two can display graphic content, three can display video content. Second, the point spacing parameters determine the effect of outdoor led display screen to show the effect is more clear, this parameter will pay attention to the points spacing, distance to fully understand the audience, generally speaking, there are 4 - These distinctions, if there are 16 mm point spacing, the best viewing distance can reach 40 meters. Three drive mode is also important, gray scale and led manufacturers recommend good purchase before these two parameters, gray level mainly measure the effects of display screen in the outdoor display, drive mode has two ways of static and dynamic scan, between the difference between effect and cost. Buy screen should choose of led manufacturers, professional security products, because the outdoor products will be more strict with all aspects of the point, it is also a key point. Data is a new era of led display requirements in ascension, this a few aspects is important
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