LED glue common knowledge: how to judge the stand or fall of glue?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-31
Glue is an integral part of LED display module production, because of the protective glue, LED display module will be longer service life. Since the glue is so important, so how to distinguish the stand or fall of glue? Under the powerful giant colour knowledge of glue gives everyone in it. 1, LED glue application: waterproof, heat dissipation, anti-oxidation and so on a variety of purposes, the main role to protect the LED display, LED 2 classification of glue: according to the purpose can be divided into the production of LED used in epoxy resin glue and glue glue used in the LED display module ( The following LED glue glue glue specifically to LED display module) 。 According to the product quality and using the environment factors are divided into: special glue, glue, cheap glue, etc. 3, LED the order of glue: LED glue on the market at present is divided into three levels: special glue, special glue is mainly refers to the use of LED display environment requires ultra-high LED glue, such as cold ( North) Glue, high temperature resistant, High temperature environment) Glue, corrosion resistance, Acid and alkali environment) Special requirements such as glue and glue environment use LED display. High-grade glue: full-color LED display special glue, generally for the black glue, has higher heat resistance, cold-resistant, waterproof effect. Cheap glue: general protective effect is poor. 4, how to judge the stand or fall of glue: professional detection: from the perspective of professional analysis need to use special equipment to LED glue ingredient, and the ratio between the various components and after the actual environmental testing and come out of the actual data. Simple recognition: at the time of glue can be according to the ratio of normal, check its flow property, curing time on primary data, after curing, can according to colour and the flexibility to check the glue quality colloidal particles. LED module composition can be removing the screws and cover plate using simple judging knead ( A good general soft hard moderate, has good elasticity) 。
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