LED enterprises how to research and development to design energy conservation and environmental protection LED display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-09
Green environmental protection has become one of the main themes in modern times, social in progress, but the pollution of environment is in the constantly expanding, so human have to protect our home, and today, all walks of life are also made in advocate green environmental protection products, how can so powerful giant color LED enterprises, such as research and development design won't produce LED display, light pollution and waste of electricity energy that has become an essential part of the production enterprises must solve the product performance. LED display has been widely used in city street corner, has become a kind of unique logo to promote the image of city, but it to beautify city image at the same time, strong light screen was also the night life of urban residents has caused certain negative impact. Created while the LED industry is a 'light' in the industry, the display 'light' this right, but from the urban environment pollution indicators to measure, it has become a new type of pollution 'light pollution'. As an enterprise should, therefore, should pay attention to in the production of 'light pollution' problem, should control good brightness Settings. The first kind of control method: using can automatically adjust the brightness adjustment system. Based on day and night, environment and time in different locations, the display brightness slightly change will produce a great result. If the LED display brightness fifty percent of brightness is greater than the environment, we can clearly feel the eyes, also caused the 'light pollution'. So we can use outdoor brightness acquisition system, at any time of the acquisition of environmental brightness and use data and display control system by receiving system through the software automatically converted to suitable to broadcast the brightness of the environment. The second kind of control method: multi-level gray scale correction technology. Ordinary LED display system consists of 18 bit color display hierarchy, the excessive, so in some low gray scale and color color will display very stiff, therefore can cause color light does not adapt. And new type of LED large screen control system USES is 14 bit of color shows level, greatly improve the colour on the excessive hardness, that make people feel when watching the color soft, avoid discomfort about light. In terms of power consumption, while using luminescent material is energy-saving LED display itself, but some need to be used in the display area is larger, due to the long time use, the overall power consumption still is bigger, because it need higher brightness, under the action of these comprehensive factors, the display of power consumption is quite amazing, so advertising owners all bear the electricity will be geometric growth. Therefore, the enterprise can through the following five points to save energy: 1, can through the adoption of high photosynthetic efficiency, LED light emitting chip not cut corners; 2, adopt high efficiency switching power supply, greatly improve the power conversion efficiency; 3, excellent screen body heat dissipation design, reduce the fan power consumption; 4 the whole circuit scheme, design science, reduce internal circuit power consumption; 5, according to the external environment changes, automatically adjust the brightness of outdoor display screen, so as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction; Future has come, powerful giant colour has been committed to technological innovation, promote the industry change. More recently revealed some indoor LED display will take the lead in the PWM - SS double energy-saving driving IC, the chip, the use of the avant-garde dynamic energy saving technology and 4 v low voltage power supply design, of high efficiency and energy saving solutions, comprehensive energy saving up to 35% 50% ( According to the picture quality) 。 What is a dynamic energy saving technology? Dynamic energy saving technology, namely the chip is read to start automatically when displaying information, no information display when demand does not start, to achieve dynamic energy saving function, reduce the power consumption, the technology can be energy-saving 10% 30% ( According to the picture quality) 。 It's like car automatic start-stop technology, when on the clutch pedal cars in a stationary state, the engine will stop working automatically, when the clutch pedal, the engine will start automatically, thereby saving unnecessary fuel consumption. Dynamic energy saving technology - - - - - - Smart breath screen when the LED display shows as black ( Continuous electricity) ,PWM - SS double energy-saving driving IC will cease to work into a dormant state. Such as playing a slide only text, text is white, the other area is black, now only text display area power consumption. When the whole screen in the coupon screen standby state ( Continuous electricity) , the screen is almost no electricity. Only text display section consumes almost no dynamic power consumption and energy saving technology - - - - - - PWM - light and shade change SS double energy saving driver IC will vary according to the light and shade of the display screen, automatically adjust the current, the lower the screen brightness, less power consumption. Dynamic energy saving technology - - - - - - PWM - color change SS double energy-saving driving IC can according to the picture of the colorful and saturation degree, automatically adjust current, such as from a colorful picture, switch to a dim picture, color, display will automatically reduce the power consumption. In addition to dynamic energy saving, the PWM - SS double energy-saving driving IC, the user is equipped with power only 4 v, low voltage and energy saving about 27%. At the same time the PWM - IC with DS - SS double energy saving driver Energy-saving function and high order of PWM PWM driver IC 4 k, all functions such as 3840 hz refresh rate, gray processing more energetic, not only such, work display surface temperature by 30%, and brightness. Last year, as large size intelligent commercial shows creator, powerful giant colour outdoor implemented DS - full range of products Energy-saving drive PWM IC plus 4 v outdoor energy-saving scheme of power supply, booster outdoor LED real into the era of energy conservation. Now powerful giant colour will open double energy-saving doors, indoor LED display for outdoor and indoor LED display in the great age of the real energy-saving, together, let us wait and see, science and technology change life, powerful giant color LED display more wonderful, are you ready?
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