Led electronic screen installation should pay attention to choose the size and location of installation

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Led electronic display both indoor and outdoor installation should pay attention to when there are a lot of items, in addition to finding the right position, have to seriously do a good job cleaning before installing, or after the installation to adjust the picture, the following main give you detail is led electronic screen installation which points to pay attention to? 1, pay attention to choose the size and location of installation, led electronic screen should notice the first installation location choice, choose the location of the standards in the striking position, in the right place, and also easy to install, it would also have to consider viewing distance and viewing Angle and the surrounding environment, only after these mutual combination, to install the right is in order. 2, pay attention to do a good job cleaning before installing also should pay attention to clean job, especially should take the screen clean, specific how to clean on the other hand should start from the manual, also had better let professional cleaning, so that ensure the installation after play effect, avoid the problem of the unclear screen. 3, picture color adjustment after the installation screen will also have to have the picture color adjustment, such ability can get higher resolution, only can get a better effect in practical use, specific adjustment method through the multi-level gray scale correction technology improvement, the best under the guidance of professional personage to adjust. For led electronic screen installations which points to attention for a moment to introduce you to them and outdoor led advertising screen installation steps is more convenient, many installation is easy, but recommended for installation or let the professionals, in order to install when some problems can be solved in a timely manner. Led display engineering which good
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