Led electronic display price is determined by what factors

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
As businesses selling led electronic display, one of the most serious problems they were asked, is the price of led electronic display screen, of course, this is everybody's most concerned problems, however, for electronic display screen, it there were too many uncertain factors, cause it's impossible to calculate price, low price of display, almost 12100 square meters, and the screen with high price can reach tens of thousands of square meters, difference is very big, so, what factors lead to their price difference so big? A, led electronic display model along with the development of the electronic display screen, its model is really too much, there are used in outdoor, indoor use, and monochrome, double color and full color, different models of electronic display, because the function is different, so the led electronic display prices will also vary widely, it is as the same merchant, the biggest cause of price gap. Second, about the led electronic display configuration, as any equipment, it is the same, different configuration, certainly is not the same, price is the same for led electronic display screen, different components configuration, certainly is not the same price, such as import lights, the price will be more expensive, and the price of ordinary lamp bead will be relatively much cheaper. Three different different brand, brand, manufacturer is different, it's decided to them at the time of production, investment cost is different. So, we in the purchase of led electronic display, also is different. However, everyone in the purchase of Led electronic display, mustn't only look at the Led electronic display price, although the high prices of good quality, function, but is not necessarily the most suitable for us. We choose and buy when, want to choose according to the actual demand. Monochromatic led what role in general
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