LED electronic display maintenance agreement how to write

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-04
Application is more and more widely in today's LED display, outdoor advertising media has become a leading carrier. So we sell after installation is necessarily to maintain. How to sign the maintenance agreement? Below provide maintenance agreement template of LED display, LED electronic display maintenance agreement number: maintain customer units: detailed address: LED display specification: - — Area - — Control mode one year after the agreement was signed: since (date) (month) (year) to (date) (month) (year). Regular and not regular maintenance and repair: 1, regular maintenance: agreement signed up maintenance monthly zhongdian regularly to the site to the customer inspection and cleaning of LED display, ensure the normal operation of the LED display and normal display. Maintenance unit upon receiving the report calls from LED display, working hours arrived at the scene, troubleshooting in a timely manner. Replace the components cost should be charged. 1) Components and spare parts price list the following components specifications and price ( : yuan) 2) To sign a year maintenance agreement the yuan (total cost The yuan) 。 3) Payment terms: the following circumstance does not belong to the warranty scope: 1) Due to the improper customer improper operation, maintenance, or other man-made damage of LED screen. 2) Due to flood, fire, earthquake, war, lightning, induction and other force majeure causes damage of product. 3) Maintenance unit control computer of damage and loss of standard interface software. 4) LED screen move and shift, or relocation of LED display for customers, lead to LED screen is damaged. The contract: party a: ( Hereinafter referred to as party a) Party b: Hereinafter referred to as party b) Through friendly consultation, both party a and party b regarding party a entrusts party b to provide the LED display project service matters reached the following terms and conditions, both parties abide by: a, the project name: second, the location of the project: three, service fees: with reference to our service fee standard execution: contains 1, engineering technician travel RMB yuan/day * day =; 2, engineering service materials yuan; 3, combined with the total cost of RMB, the capital: thousand hundred yuan. ( The yuan) Five, the responsibilities and obligations of party a: 1, party a shall remit to party b will full service in advance payment to the bank account designated. 2, party a shall provide party b with service personal security in the process of implementation. 3, party a shall, in accordance with the requirements of party b's service implementation to cooperate. 4, and party a shall according to the request of party b's service in the process of implementing the necessary manpower, tools, etc. As much as possible and provide convenient service for party b. Vi. Party b's responsibility and obligation: 1 payment in full upon confirmation of party a, party b service into party b's designated account after send out 1 to 2 working days Two engineering technicians perform project service. 2, party b should as far as possible in accordance with the construction service requirements of party a. 3, party b shall ensure that the two sides in accordance with the contract project service items to complete the project services. 4, project matters after the completion of the notify party a party b in accordance with the pre-arranged debugging project on-site commissioning acceptance. Seven, warranty terms: service warranty execute the following terms and conditions of the project, the reference not in terms of the following party b's company product warranty terms. 1, party b is responsible for door-to-door maintenance project ( The same device two tied for the same fault phenomenon exists) Natural free warranty 6 months, the natural end of month calculated from the first time the door maintenance starting the date. 2, party b is responsible for assisting installation projects for one year free telephone technical guidance service or one year of repair service. 3, when the project service implementation of the project such as human factors damage and PC are not listed in the list of product configuration of hardware and software use not only the cause of failure is not a warranty. 4, when the project service implementation of the project to meet party b company listed in the product warranty policy one is beyond the scope of the warranty conditions, party b does not project service guarantees the project for implementation. Eight, form of contract: this contract in duplicate, both parties each hold one copy. Nine, come into effect from the date of signing this contract both sides. Listed in the contract with warranty failure when the contract is failure. The contract faxed copy is effective. Ten, not specified in the contract supplementary terms: eleven, dispute appeared during the execution of a contract dispute, or default, when the parties to the contract shall be amicably settled through negotiation. In case no settlement is reached, the parties agree that the dispute or default submitted to quanzhou arbitration commission or to the headquarters of the court, party b according to the application when the arbitration commission of the current rules in effect at the time of applying for arbitration or to the headquarters of the court ruling party b. The arbitral award is final is final judgment court decision, or binding upon both parties. In addition to the arbitration institution or party b's company is located the court decides otherwise, the arbitration fees and litigation expenses and other relevant expenses shall be borne by the losing party. Party a ( Affix one's seal) : party b ( Affix one's seal) Authorized representative: ( A signature) Authorized representative: ( A signature) Address: address: phone: telephone, fax, fax: (date) (month) (year) to (date) (month) (year)
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