LED display with LED driver products is introduced

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-31
Led display as a high-tech products has attracted attaches great importance to, adopt computer control, integrate light, the electric field of intelligent full-color display screen has been widely applied. Its pixels using led light-emitting diodes, arrange many leds in lattice, a led array, which constitute a led screen. Powerful giant choi said through different ways of the led driver, can get different effect of the image. So the led driver chip, the quality of led display shows plays an important role. The led driver chip can be divided into general and special chip. General chips commonly used in led display low-end products, such as indoor single, double color plate, etc. The most commonly used is general chip 74 hc595 are needed, with eight latches, string along with all the shift register and the three states the function, of output. Maximum output per road 35 ma of the constant flow of current. Due to the led device is current features, namely on the premise of saturated conductivity, the brightness with the current changes in the size of, not changes with the change of the voltage on both ends. The biggest characteristic of the special chip is to provide constant current source output, to ensure the stability of the led driver, eliminate the flicker phenomenon of led display. Has the characteristics of large output current, constant current, applicable to occasions with large current, high quality requirements, such as outdoor full color, indoor full color, etc.
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