LED display what are the advantages and characteristics of black lamp?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
LED display before use of lamp beads are mostly white light, mainly used in outdoor screen above. In recent years, in addition to white, black LED encapsulation device ( Black light) More and more appeared on the market, especially in the small distance between the LED display screen and stage background fields. What exactly is that reason for enterprises to choose the black lamp? Black light what advantage? The white light & quot; White & quot; What does it mean? — — High brightness suitable for long distance to get to know the black lamp LED display, first to understand the concept of white light. Leds are assembled by plastic stents and chip, chip early because the brightness is not high, so engineers will plastic stent used to enhance the focus reflection of white bowl form, to ensure that the brightness is not high of the chip to achieve the effect of lighter. But has its drawbacks as well as white light, to be black, gray, his leds ecru ( White) Was also involved in the electronic display of color, this creates a color distortion ( Can't show black, grey, dark green, etc. ) 。 Engineers to lose color expressive force to make up for a lack of brightness chip. LED display is multi-purpose outdoor advertisements show before, due to the viewing distance is far, so has a higher requirement on display brightness, can accept the brightness to compensate for the losses. Now, however, in the LED brightness is more and more big, the high density small spacing of LED display, the increasing maturity of the LED lamp bead has don't need to make white can achieve satisfactory results. At the same time, in order to meet the demands of the people of image fidelity, improve the contrast of LED display, LED display assembly house abroad CREE, NICHIA developed black lights, the earliest domestic LED display assembly house blue tyco electronics will black lights the perfection of developed can provide the most black market products grades of black light. White light ( Left) And the black lights ( Right) Comparison of the effect of black lamp & quot; Black & quot; What does it mean? — — High contrast display colors richer for the LED display performance effect, gray level, the higher the performance of the said that the screen is, the better, gray level refers to the light and dark areas in an image between the brightest white and the darkest black different brightness levels of measurement, the greater the difference range represents the contrast, the greater the difference on behalf of the gray scale is smaller, the smaller the range high gray level more easily show vivid, rich color, can support the color of each order. Gray's influence on the visual effect is critical, in general the gray scale, the greater the image more clearly marked, color is more bright beautiful; And the gray scale is small, can make whole picture is grey ( As shown above) 。 High gray level for image clarity, details of performance and picture administrative levels are of great help. In some of the black and white contrast is bigger in the text display, video display, high intensity LED display in black and white contrast, clarity, completeness, etc all have advantages. Gray for dynamic video display effects to be bigger, due to the dynamic images of light and shade change faster, gray level is higher, the easier the eyes distinguish the conversion process. As a result, the made of black lamp display the display surface, can take on the uniform color, dynamic and color deeper images. ( The following figure powerful giant color case) The black lamp & quot; Black & quot; Also mean? — — Not reflective color more real black lights in addition to bring high contrast, also bring a more excellent performance, that is not reflective. Because the black LED lamp bead of PPA stent is black, because black is not the reflected light, which is not reflective ability, so the light shines on the black object was converted into other energy ( Such as heat) , so even when there is a light, black will absorb all the PPA stents, no longer will miscellaneous reflected light, which reduces the noise interference of the light, will make the colors more real, not a bunch of color, the tail and various color interference phenomenon, make colour more pure, clear, and higher fidelity. In particular, LED stage background screen, because many stage environment projection lamp color light artistic, will seriously affect the LED stage background screen display effect. In addition to black light itself is not the reflected light, blue tyco electronics through the surface spray processing, also make the light diffuse, adopting the black crystal LED display in a reflective serious stage environment can still clearly see the image on the screen. Due to the characteristics of black crystal LED lamp bead, so it can avoid the stage between all kinds of light source light interference, thus increasing effect of LED display screen and is not affected by external environment brightness, made of black lamp LED display can display the picture color of light and shade levels remain clear. Each product has its era, under the demand of small spacing and high-definition, LED display area is definitely belong to the age of the black light.
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